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Custom SKB Cases

Custom SKB Cases
SKB is a leading manufacturer of quality cases for transport and storage needs. Whether your requirement is for a stock or custom case, SKB will most likely have a size and style to suit your needs. Cases by Source is a SKB master distributor. We build custom SKB cases for laptops, shipping, guns and rifles, guitars and drums, bows, and even dogs. We can build a custom case for whatever application you have in mind. Over the years, Source has collaborated with SKB to develop unique solutions from stock cases by designing custom foam interiors or molding new case designs. Together Source and SKB will design and deliver the most unique case product to meet your most demanding requirements.

Traditionally, SKB has Vacuum Formed or Rotationally Molded all of their cases. Most recently, they have added Injection Molding to their capabilities and have developed a waterproof line of cases that competes with the traditional and leading brands in this area. These waterproof cases offer exceptional value with options including foam filled, padded movable dividers or empty so that an exact interior can be provided to meet your needs. SKB cases are specially designed for carrying and shipping valuables via ground, air or sea transportation methods. SKB cases are manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. This unique material was originally specified by the military for use in weapons cases, because it is impervious to solvents, fuels or corrosives. It is essentially indestructible, molds easily, and forms an "impenetrable shield", to protect the contents. Molded-in bumpers protect hardware and corners from impact damage. Many models have a telescoping retractable pull-handle for mobility. The combination of strength and durability help make this line of transit cases the new industry standard. Whether you are interested in a single custom SKB case or hundreds of cases requiring demanding specifications, we will deliver the highest quality design and service to you.

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SKB Cases are used in many industries, below are some examples of projects Source has worked on with SKB Cases.

Custom Military Cases

  • Rack Mount Cases
  • Weapons Cases – Rifle, Pistols
  • Sample Cases
  • Laptop Cases
  • Video, Audio
  • Medical and First Aid Equipment
  • Auto and Aircraft Parts

Custom Security Equipment Broadcast & Communication Cases

  • Video Monitor Cases
  • Rack Mount Cases
  • Lighting Equipment

Custom Computer Industry Cases

  • Rack Mount Cases
  • Sample Cases
  • Plasma Screen Cases
  • Storage and Shipping Cases
  • Multiple Laptop Transit Cases

Custom Transportation Industry Cases

  • Tool cases
  • Computer Cases
  • Parts Equipment Cases
  • Sample Cases
  • Watertight Equipment Cases
  • First Aid Equipment

Custom Medical Industry Cases

  • Insulated Shipper
  • Mobile Surgical Equipment
  • Hospital Demo Products
  • Laser Equipment Cases