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Custom Cases for Military and Government Agencies

Custom Gun CasesThe Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force, FBI, and ATF transport sensitive equipment to the harshest environments. This delicate and fragile equipment must be protected. Years of experience in Package Design for protecting high tech apparatus, and above all the flexibility to get the project accomplished in a short period of time all come into play when working with the US Military and Government Agencies. Our cases and containers will protect and ensure that your delicate equipment, instruments, etc. will be developed safely and be ready for action.

We pride our reputation on quality and attention to detail. Our commitment is so strong to the US Government and Military that we were approved for a GSA Contract in 2004. We manufacture cases for every application imaginable from Military deployments to a Government acquisition.

Contract #GS-02F-0215P

We answer the questions to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us for a quote on your custom project.

Our experience and diverse manufacturing capabilities ensure your satisfaction. Contact us for a quote on your custom project.

Our design team has unlimited capabilities. We welcome the most complex requirements from any branch of the military or government agency. Below is a list of case styles we have created:

  • Ammunition Cases
  • Computer System Cases
  • Deployment Cases
  • Electronics Cases
  • Field Desk Cases
  • Field Training Cases
  • Missile Cases
  • Radar System Cases
  • Satellite Equipment Cases
  • Shipping Cases
  • Transit Containers
  • Weapons Cases
Source was awarded a contract to manufacture a quantity of rugged Mil-Spec cases to house electronic equipment for the Air Force. The cases were required to meet Mil Specification 810E. Our customer was clear on the specifications of this enclosure, however they were unclear of their options and capabilities with the case design. The case was required to be waterproof and dustproof as the equipment would be used in the jungle or desert. Essentially, the case had to withstand the most severe environments. The equipment was to be transported by air, so a PRV (pressure release valve) was installed into the case. A foam interior protected the unit against shock and vibration. Our project design and engineering team worked closely with the prime contractor throughout engineering, production, and inspection to achieve a successful conclusion of the contract. Source met the monthly release schedule, requested by the USAF, safely transporting their sensitive radar equipment.

Key customers:
Air Force    US Army    Navy   US Marine Corp
Coast Guard   ATF   FBI