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Medical and Pharmaceutical Cases

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies require cases with demanding aesthetic and functional needs along with critical tolerances. Cases by Source has many years of experience solving case problems presented by these leading corporations.

Custom Instrument CasesOur capabilities are diverse, capable of producing many different cases. We produce marketing cases to present new prosthetic products to surgeons. We produce cases that are insulated with gel filled walls, or built with electronic components to maintain temperature control to ship valuable drugs, blood or tissue. In addition, Source has developed ATA approved cases for shipping fragile scientific microscopes to hospital and university workshops and tradeshows. Our experience with manufacturers of dental devices and instruments has produced unique presentation methods to help launch new products at trade shows. Source builds kit style cases for products that are assembled with many components like endoscopes with high tech camera equipment or laser devices for surgery. Our smooth aluminum cases in black or silver and our injection molded Euro/Case meet many OEM applications from ophthalmologic products to small implant kits.

Custom Equipment CasesIn today’s global economy, companies move bulk drugs and device assemblies between plants located around the world. If your need is to ship chemicals, vaccines, syringes, or sutures, we have experience with international transportation of these items. Source can help you meet your marketing, distribution, and transportation needs with our variety of case products and experience developing cases for health case companies.

Allow us the opportunity to develop a case solution. Case design is an evolving process and a partnership; we are with you from Concept through Production to on time delivery. We answer the questions to ensure your satisfaction. At Source, “We Get it Done!”.

Contact us for a quote on your custom medical or pharmaceutical project.

Our experience and diverse manufacturing capabilities ensures your satisfaction. Contact us for a quote on your custom project.

Source designs and manufactures the following Medical cases

  • Diabetic Test Cases
  • Dialysis Testing Case
  • Oxygen Tank Case
  • Temperature Controlled Shippers
  • Hearing Instrument Cases
  • Hemophiliac Life Saver Case
  • Laser Surgery Demo Cases
Custom Molded Pharmaceutical CasesA leading drug company developed a new drug that when subjected to fluctuations in temperature, the product became compromised and unusable. Source was asked to design a case to control the temperature for storing this vaccine with a fragile shelf life. Our design team proposed multiple options of thermo insulated hard and soft cases. Source designed the solution that passed significant temperature studies. We formed a roto-molded case with a double wall structure and filled it with a liquid gel. A gasketed lid was integrated into the case to seal the case from external temperature variations. The custom liquid gel and gasket combination maintains a constant temperature inside the case during storage. Decoration and instructional information is molded into the plastic. The order was produced as a blanket order with JIT shipments to coordinate with the release of the vaccine.

Key customers:
Merck    Pfizer    Wyeth
Medtronic     Johnson & Johnson