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The Aerospace Industry requires critical tolerances when it comes to handling and transporting fragile equipment. If you are involved in space exploration or commercial aviation, your equipment is sensitive and expensive. Cases by Source works with customers in the Aerospace Industry to understand their specific needs. We design cases that protect sensitive, and irreplaceable instrumentation. Whether it is rotomolding, thermoforming, injection molding, blow molding, or fabrication, our cases will meet your requirements. We design and manufacture precision built cases and containers conforming to ATA (Air Transport Association) Specification 300, Category I, II, and III parameters. Be in compliance with MIL SPEC, ATA, or FAA regulations for safe and secure storage and transportation of critical equipment. At Source, “We Get It Done!”

Our experience and diverse case manufacturing capabilities ensures your satisfaction. Contact us for a quote on your custom case project.

Our design staff has experience designing high tech instrument cases:

  • Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit or Cases (APU’s)
  • Altimeter Cases
  • Avionics & Instrumentation Cases
  • Back-up break drum assembly Cases
  • Black box transporter Cases
  • Commercial Aircraft Flight Deck Electronics Cases
  • Flight deck device Cases
  • Gyros Cases
  • Military Aircraft Cases
  • Oxygen storage Cases
  • Space Exploration Satellite & Telescope Cases
  • Space Shuttle Support Device Cases
  • Test and evaluation equipment Cases
The NASA educational team approached Cases by Source to design a case for their PER (Personal Exploration Rover). The rover is used to excite students about space exploration and educate students of the capabilities of the rovers sent to Mars during recent years. This miniature rover has sensitive cameras and sensors that needed to be protected during transit. Source worked with the NASA team to develop a case that would protect the unit, allowing it to be shipped between educational sites.

Key customers:
NASA Boeing     Dassalt Falcon

Lockheed Martin