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Waterproof Cases

Waterproof Cases - Waterproof Computer Cases, Digital Camera Cases, Shipping Cases

Waterproof Cases - Waterproof Computer Cases, Digital Camera Cases, Shipping Cases

Waterproof Cases are tough injection molded carrying cases with a gasket seal that protect valuable contents from salt air, sand and dust. Most cases are designed to achieve four needs: waterproof, airtight, dustproof, and crush resistant. For years, Pelican was the industry leader when it came to Watertight Cases; recently however, companies such as SKB, Seahorse and Underwater Kinetics have entered the market with high quality products of their own. All are rugged and tough shipping cases, and most meet critical military specifications. They are used around the world to protect medical equipment, camera equipment, computer equipment, military equipment, as well as instruments used in commercial applications. The secret to all watertight cases are their tongue-and-groove valance with o-ring gasket – this combination forms the waterproof seal. All are equipped with a pressure release valve that stabilizes air pressure while keeping moisture out, resulting in a waterproof case that is easy to open.

Waterproof Cases FAQ’s :

How can Waterproof Cases be customized?

Custom foam interiors can be fabricated for any watertight case. Whether you are interested in a single waterproof case or hundreds of cases with demanding specifications, we will deliver the highest quality product and service. Source will design and develop a custom foam interior for your case. Many designs require no tooling. Complicated designs may require inexpensive cutting dies. Depending on your product and the intended use of the case, we will recommend polyurethane (polyether, polyester) or polyethylene (Polylam, Ethafoam, cross link) foam. If you require an OEM application for your case, we have experience with panel mount frames and applying bulkhead fasteners. We are your Source for customizing waterproof cases, we do it all…in house, on time, and within your budget.

What are Waterproof Cases used for?

Waterproof cases are used for military applications, industrial applications, electronic equipment, scuba diving, photography and anything else that requires a protective environment. They offer ideal protection for instrumentation, sales presentations and demonstrations, test equipment, weapons and other sensitive equipment. Our customers use Waterproof Cases for many different applications, below are examples of cases we have produced:

  • Ammunition & Rifle Scope Cases
  • Camera and Video Equipment Cases
  • Communication Equipment Cases
  • Defibrillator Cases
  • Firearm Cases
  • First Aid Kit Cases
  • Laptop Computer and Electronics Case
  • Marine and Scuba Gear Cases
  • Panel Mount Cases
  • Testing Equipment Cases
  • Tool Cases
  • Weapons Cases

What are the benefits of Waterproof Cases?

Waterproof cases will not only protect your product from moisture, but also from dust. The unique o-ring and valance set these cases aside from all others. When a waterproof case is required there is no flexibility – either the case meets this function or it does not. The injection molded bodies of waterproof cases are extremely rugged. They are corrosion resistant and impact resistant. If watertight cases are a requirement, please contact us so we can team up to design the solution to meet your needs.