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Rotomolded Transcase Cases

Rotomolded Cases - Custom Rotomolded ATA Cases

Rotomolded Transcase Cases - Custom Rotomolded ATA Cases

Rotomolded Transcase Cases are rugged, rotationally molded ATA cases that will meet your commercial, industrial, or military shipping needs. The rotomolding process offers impact resistant protection, strength, and watertight cases that ensure your equipment arrives intact and ready to use. Rotomolded Cases have earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of roto molded cases. All rotomolded cases are produced to the rigorous specifications of the Airline Transportation Association and comply with the ATA 300 Category 1 specification for 100 trip applications. Polyethylene plastic provides the ultimate in physical and environmental protection. These containers also conform to many Mil-Specifications and Federal Standards. The molded exterior rib design permits stacking. The recessed hardware protects against shipping damage; spring loaded handles and cam action latches provide protection for your case during shipment.

If you are a consumer (and not a business) interested in purchasing a custom made SKB case from our site, please visit our B2C page about ATA approved rotomolded cases.

 For More Information, Visit Our Rotomolded Cases Product Page.

Rotomolded Cases FAQ’s :

How can Rotomolded Cases be customized?

We offer unlimited custom case configurations for rotomolded cases, including a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as customized foam interiors to accommodate the transportation of specialized equipment. Depending on the performance requirement of your ATA cases, they can be molded with a double wall to provide a custom interior formed in the case during the manufacturing process. In addition, graphics can be molded into the case during production to promote your brand identity. Choose from more than 350 stock sizes or work with our design team to create a custom case to meet your specifications. Additionally, Source will work closely with you to define, develop and provide the perfect solution to your transit and storage requirements. Source controls all the processes: design, engineering, molding, testing, and production. Get outstanding reliability and performance at very affordable prices.

What are Rotomolded Cases used for?

ATA approved rotomolded cases are used in many industries including the military, aerospace, broadcast and communications, and the industrial market and are used internationally as well. Source customizes rotomolded cases to protect the following valuable equipment:

  • Audio Broadcast Equipment Cases
  • Aviation Equipment Cases
  • Computer and Laptop Cases
  • Electronics Equipment Cases
  • Environmental Analysis Equipment Cases
  • Gyroscope Cases
  • Marine Oceanography Equipment Cases
  • Measuring Equipment Cases
  • Medical Instrument Cases
  • Radar Equipment Cases
  • Satellite Equipment Cases
  • Storm Cases
  • Telecommunications Equipment Cases
  • Test Equipment Cases
  • Trade Show Cases
  • Weapon Cases

What are the benefits of Rotomolded Cases?

Rotomolded cases are designed for the most demanding environments including combat. They are designed to protect against the handling hazards of shock, vibration, moisture, and temperature extremes that can occur during shipping. They are water tight, airtight, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof – and designed for the easiest and most efficient handling, loading, and stacking. Transcase Cases are rotomolded, which is a highly versatile manufacturing option that allows for unlimited design possibilities at a low production cost. Rotomolding offers a great solution to produce a rugged, lightweight shipping container. It is a unique process that allows you to increase the wall thickness for added protection – most molding processes do not offer this flexibility. If you have critical transportation requirements, rotomolded cases may be the solution for you. Call the Source design team to review your needs.