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Rotationally Molded Plastic Cases

Rotationally Molded Cases - Custom ATA Molded Plastic Cases for Display, Carrying, Shipping and Storage

Rotationally Molded Cases - Custom ATA Molded Plastic Cases for Display, Carrying, Shipping and Storage

Rotationally Molded Cases are rugged and lightweight. Source carries an extensive line of more than 350 sizes with or without foam interiors. Allow us to customize a case that will meet your needs. These Roto Molded Cases conform to ATA and many Military Specifications. The material of choice for roto-molding is Polyethylene because of its excellent impact and chemical resistant properties. These molded shipping and storage containers can have gasket seals to be airtight and watertight. Once your requirements are defined, Source can recommend a Rotationally Molded Case solution for your product.

Rotationally Molded Cases FAQ’s :

How can Rotationally Molded Cases be customized?

Rotationally Molded Cases can be customized during the molding process or in a secondary operation with a custom foam interior or other custom insert. Depending on the performance requirements of the case, the case can be molded with a double wall to provide a custom interior molded in the case during the manufacturing process. Additionally, graphics can be molded into the case during production to promote your brand identity. A range of accessories may be installed in Rotationally Molded Cases such as manual and automatic pressure relief valves, humidity indicators, lifting rings, fork-lift tunnels, removable or permanently mounted casters, label holders, document pouches, collapsible handles, drawers, inserts for panel mount equipment, or shock absorbers for Rack Mount Cases.

What are Rotationally Molded Cases used for?

Rotationally Molded Cases are used in Military and Industrial applications where rugged handling, temperature extremes, and humidity control are a concern. Source has experience molding cases for many applications. We produce a vionic equipment cases, deployable weapons systems cases, electronic testing and monitoring equipment cases, fire and law enforcement equipment cases, medical testing and apparatus equipment cases, oil field-monitoring equipment cases, portable marine instrumentation cases, portable communications equipment cases, p ortable computer networks and systems cases, and telecommunications test equipment cases.

What are the benefits of Rotationally Molded Cases?

This process is a highly versatile manufacturing option that allows for unlimited design possibilities at a low production cost. Roto-molding offers a great solution to produce a rugged, lightweight shipping container. It is a unique process that allows increased wall thickness for added protection. All of our stock Rotationally Molded Cases have recessed hardware that protect against shipping damage and extends the usable life of the container. Our cases have molded exterior ribs permitting stacking.