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Custom Road Cases

Road Cases - ATA Approved Road Ready Anvil Style Cases

Custom Road Cases - ATA Approved Road Ready Anvil Style Cases

Electronic devices and A/V equipment are more expensive, mobile, and more sensitive than ever before. The need for protection with quality Road Cases has never been more critical. Road Cases also known as ATA (airline transport) cases, flight cases, or Anvil cases are built to protect high valued instruments from airline and truck transport hazards. Each case we construct is handmade and tailored to your exact specifications. They are available in any size and configuration, including E.I.A rack mount hardware, sliding drawers, retractable handles with recessed wheels, and shock mounted cases. A Shock Mount Road Case is the ultimate protective case for electronic Rack Mount equipment.

If you are a consumer (and not a business) interested in purchasing a custom made SKB case from our site, please visit our B2C page about custom ATA, anvil style road ready cases.

 For More Information, Visit Our Road Cases Product Page.

Road Cases FAQ’s :

How can Road Cases be Customized?

Building custom Road Cases is our specialty. Our custom ATA (airline transport) cases are rugged and functional, fabricated for years of use. Whatever your equipment and situation demand, we will design and build quality custom Road Cases to meet your needs. Whether its guitars, drums, musical sound equipment, keyboards or amplifiers, we have the perfect Anvil style case for you. If you need a special feature in your case design, we will do it. Our engineering team will work with you to ensure the case is designed with all your requirements in mind. Foam fabrication is a routine operation – we will evaluate your equipment and recommend an Ester (soft-foam) or Ethafoam (hard foam) depending on the product fragility and the intended use. Road Cases are customized with recessed latches, recessed spring loaded handles, casters, fold down ramps, rack mount rails, foam lined or die cut interiors. They are available in a variety of colors with stenciling or silk screen logos. Our ATA Cases will meet any need with no tooling cost, in any quantity.

What are Road Cases used for?

Road Ready Cases are used all throughout the entertainment, theater, stage, music, and industrial markets. Our Anvil style cases protect the most delicate electronic equipment from the most punishing handling on the road. Road cases are manufactured to be a superior choice for all facets of theater and stage needs. Below are some cases we have constructed for our customers:

  • Amp Cases
  • Electronic Musical Instrument Cases
  • Drum Equipment Cases
  • Keyboard Cases
  • Guitar Cases
  • Gig-rig Cases
  • Lighting Equipment Cases
  • Microphone Cases
  • Mixing Board Cases
  • P.A. Equipment Cases
  • Pedal Board Cases
  • Rackmount Cases
  • Recording Equipment Cases
  • Rental and Leasing Equipment Cases


What are the benefits of Road Cases?

Unfortunately, many production companies and rental companies overlook the value of Road Cases. With equipment costs escalating, it is not worth the gamble. Road Cases will insure your valuable equipment arrives intact and operational. They reduce set-up time on the road as the case can be designed to have equipment operational within the case. Every case is manufactured to your exact specifications; fit and quality are not compromised. Source will work with you to define, develop and provide the perfect solution for your transit and storage requirements. Get outstanding reliability and performance at an affordable price. Call the Source design team to discuss your needs.