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Equipment Cases

Equipment Cases - PC Computer Cases, Laptop Cases, Gun Cases, Camera Cases and More!
Equipment Cases - PC Computer Cases, Laptop Cases, Gun Cases, Camera Cases and Shipping Cases

Equipment Cases are molded cases or fabricated cases that protect fragile instruments or computers during shipping. Equipment Cases other house electronic or mechanical devices as well including cameras, guns and rifles, notebooks, musical instruments like guitars and drums. The case ultimately becomes a functioning unit of the device in order to protect it. For example, testing equipment can be mounted in the case with a panel mount (or mounting flange). The panel mount is an accessory provided by the case manufacturer to permanently affix products into Equipment Cases. We understand the critical nature OEM cases provide. Without a case to ensure product safety, the product might as well not exist. The Source design team and account manager will work with you to meet your equipment needs and ensure an on time delivery.


Equipment Cases FAQ’s :


How can Equipment Cases be customized?

Depending on your requirements, function is essential to Equipment Cases. They are available in many sizes and colors, with panel mounts, bulkhead connectors, and custom molded interiors. Most Equipment Cases are either Carry Cases or Pull-Handle Cases with wheels. Any product with a total weight of 25lbs or more (including the case) is recommended to be outfitted into a pull-handle case with recessed wheels. Whether you require ten cases or hundreds of Equipment Cases with demanding specifications, we will deliver the highest quality design and service. Source will design and develop the custom foam interior for your case. Provide a sample of your product and we’ll configure the Equipment Case and the foam interior to your needs. We will evaluate your product and recommend an anti-static foam, polyurethane (soft foam), or polyethylene (hard foam) based on the fragility of your product and the intended use of the product and Equipment Cases. We are your Source for customized Equipment Cases. We do it all…in house, on time, and within your budget.


What are Equipment Cases used for?

Equipment Cases are most frequently used in OEM applications where the case is part of the product. Below is a list of some custom Equipment Cases Source has developed with our customers:

  • Avionic Equipment Cases
  • Bomb Detection Cases
  • Camera Cases
  • Computer Cases
  • Defibrillator Cases
  • Diabetic Kit Cases
  • Gun Cases
  • Laptop Cases
  • Notepad Cases
  • Oxygen Tank Cases
  • PC Cases
  • PH Test Kit Cases
  • Radar Equipment Cases
  • X-Ray Developer Cases


What are the benefits of Equipment Cases?

Equipment Cases offer a multitude of benefits. First, they ensure your product is secure and protected during transit and use. In many instances, the cases can be configured to remove the “guesswork” from product setup thereby having your equipment operational quickly. An equally valuable characteristic of Equipment Cases is perceived value. Products integrated into cases appear more valuable. This gives your product an advantage over the competition.