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Plastic Blow Molded Cases

Blow Molded Cases

Blow Molded Cases - Plastic Display Cases, Carrying Cases, Shipping Cases and Storage Cases

Blow Molded Cases are lightweight plastic cases used to protect fragile instruments, audio/visual equipment, medical products, and OEM applications. All blow molded cases can have a custom foam interior designed to protect, organize, and present your product. The interior of a blow molded case can be formed to the shape of a product by building an insert mold at a reasonable cost. For quantities over 1000 pieces, a custom case can be produced at a surprisingly attractive price, resulting in a unique case for your product. Blow Molded Cases are formed from polyethylene (HDPE). They are virtually unbreakable, tolerate high and low temperatures, resist chemicals, are rustproof, dent-proof, and scratch resistant. Blow molded cases can meet US 94B specifications as an electrical insulator. These plastic cases are economically priced for display cases, carrying cases, shipping cases, and storage cases.

Blow Molded Cases FAQ’s :

If you are a consumer (and not a business) interested in purchasing a custom made SKB case from our site, please visit our B2C page about Plastic Blow Molded Cases.

For More Information, Visit Our Plastic Blow Molded Cases Product Page.

How are Plastic Blow Molded Cases customized?

Plastic Blow Molded Cases are manufactured with a double wall construction. Depending on the application, the inner wall can be cut away and the case can be foam filled with layers or a custom die cut interior can be inserted. For quantities above 500, the inner cavity can be molded with the body to secure your product. This option offers a custom case at an attractive price. Our in house design team can provide design assistance or complete a design solution. Source will design your case, build the prototype and production tools and complete all secondary operations. We will guide your case from concept to production and ensure the highest quality product. You can save money by using a stock mold and building a custom interior mold at a fraction of the cost of a new tool. Depending on the quantity of your order, plastic Blow Molded Cases can be molded in a variety of colors, and can have hot stamp decoration on the lid. For smaller quantities a recess area in the lid will accept a label for product identification.

What are Plastic Blow Molded Cases used for?

Plastic Blow Molded Cases are used for many applications including industrial equipment cases, sample kit cases, medical equipment cases, sales kit cases, audio/visual equipment cases and tool cases. Blow Molded Cases offer a durable and economical alternative to other molded plastic cases.

What are the benefits of Blow Molded Cases?

Blow Molded Cases are rugged and lightweight. They offer a wide variety of design options including molded in logos, color choices, inserted foam interiors in low quantity or completely molded cases with logo and customized interior at a quantity of 500 pieces. With more than fifty stock sizes to choose from, the options are endless and the set-up charges are low, making plastic Blow Molded Cases a popular case choice.