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Custom Anvil Cases

Anvil Cases

Custom Anvil Cases - ATA Anvil Road Cases, Music Cases, Guitar Cases, Flight Cases and More!

Anvil Cases are rugged, heavy-duty transit ATA cases. They can be customized to fit anything you need to ship. Anvil Cases, also known as ATA cases, road cases, or flight cases are designed and built around your product so the case fits your product like a glove. Since all custom cases are designed to protect your equipment, pricing will depend on the options and functionality you select. Anvil was created in the 1950s to serve the music industry to protect equipment during transit. The name became so popular, today when asking for Anvil Cases, it is like asking for a “Kleenex” or a “Coke”.


Anvil Cases FAQ’s :

How can Anvil Cases be customized?

Customization is endless when designing Anvil Cases, including a wide selection of colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as customized foam interiors to accommodate the transportation of specialized equipment. Depending on the performance requirement of your Anvil Cases, interiors can be customized to meet the most rugged and sensitive requirements. Options include casters, locks, shipping plates, rack mount rails, table legs, tie downs, pull handles with recessed wheels, and more. Stenciling is available for any case, and custom silk-screen logos can be imprinted to truly brand your case. We pride ourselves on the quick turnaround time with which we can deliver on these custom cases – and will usually complete your order 10-14 business days. Since all Anvil Cases are custom designed for your equipment, pricing depends on your requirements for the case. These road cases can be produced in quantities as low as one case.

What are Anvil Cases used for?

In the 1950s Anvil Cases were built for musicians to travel and protect their equipment. Today, Anvil Cases are used by companies and organizations that require maximum protection for the transport of their instrumentation and equipment. The Aerospace, Broadcast & Communications, Medical & Pharmaceutical industries, and Military & Government Agencies all use these cases. Below are examples of Anvil Cases:


  • Avionic Instrument Cases
  • Broadcast and Video Production Equipment Cases
  • Computer Cases
  • Flight Cases
  • Guitar Cases
  • Lighting Equipment Cases
  • Military Equipment Cases
  • Music Equipment Cases
  • NASA equipment Cases
  • Rackmount Cases
  • Road Cases
  • Sports Medicine and Training Supply Cases
  • Speaker Cases

What are the benefits of custom Anvil Cases?

All Anvil Cases are completely customized to protect your product. Every case is made to order which ensures that each case is developed to your exact specifications; fit and quality are not compromised. Additionally, Source will work closely with you to define, develop and provide the perfect solution to your transit and storage requirements. Source controls all the processes: design, engineering, and fabrication. Get outstanding reliability and performance at very affordable prices. Call the Source design team to review your needs.