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Aluminum Cases

Aluminum Cases

Custom Aluminum Cases - Computer Cases, Laptop Cases, Gun Cases, Camera Cases and More!

There are a wide range of options when considering aluminum cases. For those who are looking for a high tech look at a competitive or lower cost than molded plastic cases, our fabricated or molded custom aluminum cases are the solution. Aluminum cases are durable, lightweight and stylish. If you are interested in a more rugged aluminum case, Alumiwrap is the perfect choice. It is an excellent option for laptop cases, computer cases, gun cases, camera cases and more! The construction is formed aluminum extrusion body, and top and bottom metal or plastic side panels and is an innovative case solution for designing a unique metal custom presentation case. These aluminum cases can be produced in a variety of sizes ranging from 9” x 5” x 3” to 96” x 48” x 9.5”. The Zarges K470 series aluminum cases are the most rugged metal cases available in stock sizes. Developed in 1950 for NATO and other heavy duty industrial applications, Zarges cases represent innovation, the highest standard of quality, maximum functionality and a unique design.  They are designed with the newest technology and case features.  Zarges cases provide the optimum solution for safe and reliable transport, efficient storage, and protection of your products from extreme transportation and weather conditions. 


Aluminum Cases FAQ’s :


How can Aluminum Cases be customized?

Custom foam interiors add the finishing touches to our aluminum cases; there are no limitations to the features we can develop to satisfy your needs. We will design an interior for the appropriate aluminum case – stock or custom. Working with you, our customers, we will produce a prototype or pre-production model for any project. Revisions are completed prior to production. An excellent solution is assured with this team approach. Most of our custom aluminum cases are produced without tooling charges. Options include color choice, a variety of hardware items, custom foam interiors and decoration for logos and brand identity.

If you are a consumer (and not a business) interested in purchasing a custom made aluminum case from our site, please visit our B2C page about aluminum cases.

What are Aluminum Cases used for?

Aluminum Cases offer durability, strength and withstand adverse environmental conditions including extremes in heat and cold. From short term promotional projects to protecting sensitive radar equipment, our aluminum cases meet the needs of our customers. Below are examples of markets where our aluminum cases are used:


  • Alcohol – liquor and wine demo cases
  • Automotive Parts Cases
  • Camera Cases
  • Computer Cases
  • Cosmetics Cases
  • Craft Kit Cases
  • Dental Equipment Cases
  • Electrical Equipment Cases
  • Gun Cases
  • Industrial Equipment Cases
  • Laptop Cases
  • Lighting Equipment Cases
  • Military Equipment Cases
  • Sporting Goods – cases for binoculars, knives, guns


What are the benefits of Aluminum Cases?

When a plastic case fails to deliver the required image of strength, aluminum cases offer a competitive cost advantage with great aesthetics. In most instances, there are no tooling charges which is common with many other case manufacturing methods. The other main advantage when comparing Zarges Aluminum Cases to their plastic counterparts is weight. The Zarges cases offers the same ruggedness and durability as a fabricated ATA case or a rotationally molded plastic case, yet they weigh significantly less which is critical for many military and industrial applications.