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ATA Shipping Cases

ATA Shipping Cases

ATA Cases - Anvil Style ATA Custom Shipping Cases

Certified ATA custom shipping cases are transit cases tested for durability which have unique features that protect them in the abusive shipping world. ATA stands for Air Transport Association. This organization provides guidelines for rating air travel worthiness of different types of ATA shipping cases. Source offers a wide variety of ATA 300, Category 1 Cases which are suitable to be used and shipped more than 100 times and are used to protect computers, laptops and other valuables. Our custom SKB and SPI molded cases offer ATA shipping case solutions in plastic while our Spectra/Case (Anvil style) cases are traditional fabricated ATA shipping cases with ABS plastic, plywood, and steel angle construction. Every ATA 300 category 1 case must meet certain stringent requirements in a number of categories such as; shipping case construction, case hardware, case foam, and testing.

If you are a consumer (and not a business) interested in purchasing a custom made SKB case from our site, please visit our B2C page about custom ATA cases.

 For More Information, Visit Our ATA Cases Product Page.

ATA Shipping Cases FAQ’s :

How can ATA Shipping Cases be customized?

Options are endless when customizing ATA Shipping Cases. Every ATA case is custom made to ensure the perfect design to meet your needs. Source welcomes complicated projects and responds with innovation and value added solutions. Foam fabrication is one of our specialties. Using a combination of hard and soft foams for stability, support, and protection, we cut and fit the foam to your specifications. Source will work with you to develop your project from concept to production (we use CAD designs, PDFs, or just simple measurements and doodles).

What are ATA Shipping Cases used for?

Whether transporting cameras, computer equipment, lighting gear, tradeshow displays, or medical instruments, our ATA Shipping Cases will ensure your equipment arrives intact and operational. Below are some additional examples of projects Source has worked on with ATA cases:

  • Avionic Instrument Cases
  • Anti-static Cases
  • Audio Equipment Cases
  • Broadcast and Video Production Equipment Cases
  • Calibration Instrument Cases
  • Computer Cases
  • Environmental Analysis Equipment Cases
  • Measuring Equipment Cases
  • Military Equipment Cases
  • Music Equipment Cases
  • Rackmount Cases
  • Radar Equipment Cases
  • Sports Medicine and Training Supply Cases
  • Telecommunications Equipment Cases
  • Testing Equipment Cases
  • Weatherproof Equipment Cases

What are the benefits of custom ATA Shipping Cases?

These cases can be produced in low quantities with endless design and functional opportunities. The heavy-duty hardware on ATA cases is recessed into the case to protect it from being damaged in transit. Handles and latches do not protrude or stick out from the case where they could be damaged during shipping. When selecting an approved stock molded plastic ATA Shipping Case; you can be confident that the case has passed rigorous environmental tests to ensure durability. Listed below are some of the required tests for qualifying an ATA shipping case fully loaded with equipment:

Vibration Test – ATA Shipping Cases are vibrated vertically and horizontally at various frequencies for a total of 3 hours.

Drop Test – ATA cases are dropped on their top, bottom, and both sides. 160 drops at a height of 30” on a reinforced concrete slab.

Water Spray Test – Cases are sprayed for 60 minutes with medium water intensity