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Custom ATA Cases

ATA Cases

Custom ATA Cases - Anvil ATA Shipping Cases, Flight Cases, Drum & Guitar Cases, Road Cases and More!

Custom ATA cases are shipping cases designed and built to withstand the hazards and stresses of shipping your valuable equipment by truck and air. They will meet or exceed the rigorous Airline Transport Association (A.T.A.) specifications for shipping cases. ATA cases are also commonly known as anvil cases, flight cases or road cases. Some of the common applications of Anvil cases are shipping cases, flight cases, drum and guitar cases (road cases) and cases for all kinds of musicial instruments. Our ATA cases do not compromise quality and durability. Using carefully selected materials combined with precision manufacturing techniques, our cases will provide maximum protection for your valuable equipment. These fabricated, rugged ATA approved custom shipping cases will surely protect your products during transport.

ATA Cases FAQ’s :

How can ATA Cases be customized?

All of our ATA Cases are custom-built to order, sized to your product, and designed to fit your needs in quantities as low as one case. Foam interiors are designed for maximum shock absorption. Based on the characteristics of your product, we carefully select the interior padding from a wide variety of cushioning materials. The most common foams are soft, open-cell Ester foam which will insolate your equipment from shock, or closed-cell Ethafoam to protect heavier items with sharp edges. Other available interiors are crosslink foam and EVA foam, carpeting, vinyl, and fabric. These materials are combined to ensure your equipment receives the best protection during transport. ATA Cases are customized with recessed latches, recessed spring loaded handles, casters, fold down ramps, rack mount rails, foam lined or die cut interiors. Our ATA Cases can meet any need with no tooling cost, in any quantity.

What are ATA Cases used for?

Whether you transport cameras, computer equipment, lighting gear, tradeshow products, or medical instruments, our custom ATA Cases ensure that your equipment arrives intact and operational. Below are some examples of projects Source has satisfied with these cases:

  • Avionic Instrument Cases
  • Anti-static Cases
  • Audio Equipment Cases
  • Broadcast and Video Production Equipment Cases
  • Calibration Instrument Cases
  • Computer Cases
  • Environmental Analysis Equipment Cases
  • Measuring Equipment Cases
  • Military Equipment Cases
  • Music Equipment Cases
  • Rackmount Cases
  • Radar Equipment Cases
  • Sports Medicine and Training Supply Cases
  • Telecommunications Equipment Cases
  • Testing Equipment Cases
  • Weatherproof Equipment Cases

If you are a consumer (and not a business) interested in purchasing a custom made SKB case from our site, please visit our B2C page about custom ATA cases.

 For More Information, Visit Our ATA Cases Product Page.

What are the benefits of ATA Cases?

ATA Cases offer the widest range of custom choices in quantities as low as one case. They can be fabricated in almost any size and in a variety of colors. Every case is made to order which ensures your ATA Cases will be constructed to your specific need. Contact Source for a quote on your custom ATA Case project.